Fourteenth Sunday of Pentecost

Joseph Forgives His Brothers

Genesis 50: 15 - 21

The story of Joseph's life is too long to be told in one Sunday, but his story holds the Old Testament narrative together.

He was the favorite son of Jacob. Two of Joseph's sons (Jacob's grandsons) and ten of Jacob's sons (Joseph's brothers), formed the twelve tribes of Israel, which gave shape to the land of Israel.




Joseph's story, with his captivity in Egypt and his rise to power there, maps out the territory where most of the Bible stories took place.

After Joseph's death, there arose a Pharaoh (or ruler) in Egypt "who did not know Joseph," and whose lack of knowledge led to Moses' exodus out of Egypt.

Today's lesson is the ultimate story of forgiveness. Joseph's wisdom lies in seeing that if his brothers hadn't treated him so badly, his life wouldn't have been so interesting nor would his life have gone so well.

Once again we see the awesome power of a God who turns evil thoughts and actions into good.



1. After their father, Jacob, died, why were Joseph's brothers afraid?

[Joseph's brothers were afraid that Joseph would punish them in return for all the cruel things they had done to him.]

2. What did Joseph's brothers do?

[Joseph's brothers asked him for forgiveness.]

3. What did Joseph say to his brothers?

[Joseph said, "You tried to harm me, but God made it turn out for the best."]

4. What did Joseph promise that he would do?

[Joseph promised that he would take care of his brothers and their children.]

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