Sixteenth Sunday of Pentecost

We Wear God's Coat to Show that He Has Chosen Us

Genesis 37: 3

To show that they are children of God and ready for prayer, Jewish men wear a prayer shawl, called a tallis. It is white, with blue stripes and a fringe.

When our pastors lead the service, they wear a stole, usually in the color of the season, also to show that they are children of God, ready to lead the prayers.

Joseph's father, Jacob, gave him a coat made of many bright colors - or, with embroidered sleeves, depending on the translation. But his brothers knew the purpose of the beautiful coat was to show the world that in Jacob's eyes, Joseph was a special person.

We, too, can show that we are children of God by what we wear as we prepare for prayer, as we follow the tradition that began with Joseph.

Using white linen or the color of the season (green for Pentecost), hem a strip of fabric for each child. Sew or glue on a fringe, and let them decorate the stole with stamped images or fabric paint.

This might be a good time for the pastor to show his or her vestments to the class and to explain their significance.

And let the children wear the stoles to worship, as they witness to the congregation that they, too, like Joseph, are chosen children of God.


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