Field Trips

The Vestments Worn before the Altar of the Lord

Exodus 28 and 39

The Lord said to Aaron:

These are the garments they are to make: a breastpiece, an ephod, a robe, a woven tunic, a turban and a sash.

Have them use gold and blue, purple and scarlet yarns, and fine linen.

- Exodus 28: 4 - 5


When you take your field trip through the church proper, ask your pastor to take your class through the vestments in the sacristy. Even in the days of polyester blends, you will probably find embroidered linen garments that are not very different from those worn by Aaron and his sons 4000 years ago. Take a linen shirt or jacket (or even a handkerchief) with you so your class can feel the texture of linen.

The blue, purple and scarlet yarns for embroidery were probably wool (like we use today in crewel work). The gold was real gold, probably gold wires overlaid with yarn.

Lutheran pastors often wear a cassock, surplice, and stole; or an alb with a stole and cincture.

Sometimes when pastors celebrate Holy Communion, they wear a chasuble.

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