Fourth Sunday in Lent

Everything That Is Seen in the Light Becomes Light Itself

Ephesians 5: 14

We now know that our pretty moon, which shines with such a gentle glow, is solid rock, lighted by the rays of the sun - it generates no light of its own.

Just so, the love of God shines on the solid rock of our hearts, so that they, too, glow with the light of God's love, and we look like we are glowing ourselves.

Depending on where we live and on our folklore, many of us see a man in the moon, or a rabbit, or a lady combing her hair.

Not only does God give us a shining, rock-hard moon, he also gives us the imagination to see lovely images in it.

Using star dust pattern magnet sheets (or painting magnet sheets with glitter paint), cut out full, half, or crescent moon shapes. Decorate them with glitter paint or glue, beads or sequins, making the faces or images we see in the moon.

And give thanks to a God who warms and enlightens our hearts, as well as giving us the gifts of thought and imagination.


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