Fifth Sunday of Lent


I Wait for You More Eagerly than a Soldier on Guard Duty Waits for the Dawn

Psalm 130: 6

Lazarus spent four days in the tomb waiting for Jesus to bring him back to life.

Tombs in that part of the world were carved into rock, with a round stone rolling in a special slit or sill to make a tight door. Wealthy families owned their own tombs or burial caves, and we can still see some of them today.

Immediately after death, family members were washed and wrapped in clean linen cloths - no coffins or caskets were used. Then they were carried quickly to the tomb, which was sealed by rolling the rock door closed. Jesus was prepared and buried in almost the same way that Lazarus had been. And Jesus, too, came back from the dead.

Copy the cover on purple card stock. For a more dramatic cover, use black card stock with white letters.

Layer heavy black paper or fabric to make the cave and door - we are looking from Lazarus' perspective, so the door is farthest away.

And then glue on a tiny jewel, the smallest bit of light, to show that Jesus was coming to save him from death.

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