Mary Magdalene Follows Jesus in Life and in Death


Mary Magdalene, like all the other Mary's in the New Testament, was named for Miriam, the sister of Moses.

She probably came from Magdala, or Dalmanutha, in the region of Galilee in Palestine. Magdalene could also mean a women's profession of being a hairdresser. If she were a hair stylist from Magdala, the disciples would have thought that was a great joke, and would have made sure they always called her by that name.

Mary Magdalene is named often in the New Testament, most closely associated with Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection. But she is present in the early days, following Jesus from Galilee. She was probably one of the women who funded his ministry, and when the women are mentioned by name, her name is usually first on the list.

We know that seven demons had been driven out of her - but we don't know by whom.

She did call Jesus rabboni, which literally means "my teacher," but which means care giver or caretaker - another name for Good Shepherd.

And she was given the great privilege of being the first person to speak to Jesus after his resurrection from the dead on Easter morning.

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