Mary, Mother of Our Lord

My People Will Receive a Double Portion

Isaiah 61: 7

Mary's response to the shock of being told that she would be the mother of Jesus was to create a poem praising God.

How often do we stop stock still in our lives to appreciate God and to sing his praise?

We don't know whether Mary spoke or sang her poem, but today we will write our own poems and songs praising God.

One starting point is to write additional verses to Earth and All Stars (LBW 558). Or you may want to look at the Isaiah lesson, thinking about all the things God gives us in pairs (two eyes and two ears, for example), or all the times he gives us twice as much as we need.

In what may become a two-part project, let the children letter or type their poems and make picture frames for the poems from fun foam, poster board or papier mache.

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