Ninth Sunday of Pentecost

John 17:1

We Create a Sacred Space for Prayer

Just as children need a designated space for homework, we all need a special space for prayer. One of the ways of establishing this space is by using an object that reminds us that this space is our special place for prayer.

Since this cloth takes up very little space in a suitcase, it is a good prayer reminder for travelers.

This prayer cloth can be made with fabric paint on fabric napkins. Target has inexpensive cotton napkins that work well for this project. Each child should create his own design. This may be a two-session project: the first for planning the design, and the second for painting it.

Some people like to make designs around the edges, using Christian symbols (fish, crosses, butterflies, stars, and so on) or representations of of what they want to pray about. Others like a centered design or pattern, which leads them to concentrate on God.

Make sure you have a safe place for the prayer cloths to dry; fabric paint takes hours (if not days) to dry thoroughly.


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