Thirteenth Sunday of Pentecost

Let Me Find Life by Walking with You

Psalm 119: 37

We walk by faith, in lives of prayer and gratitude.

Today we will make personal prayer books. You might choose to do this in small loose-leaf binders, so favorite prayers can be added throughout the year.

Decorate the covers (it's difficult to find small view binders, but see if your stationer can order some - or use standard-size view binders), and let each child begin to collect and memorize the prayers.

Let the children decorate the pages with crayons or markers - they can even hand-letter each prayer if you like.

I would include the Lord's Prayer, the Twenty-Third Psalm, the Prayer for New Beginnings, the Prayer of St. Patrick, The Prayer for the Healing of Children, the Intercession for Our Enemies, and verses from my favorite Psalms.

And this might be a good time to revisit our Breath Prayer.

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