Fifteenth Sunday of Pentecost

Some People Have Welcomed Angels as Guests

Hebrews 13: 2

Just as God sends us the Holy Spirit to comfort us, he also sends us angels, bearing messages.

Find small wooden spools that will fit over number 2 pencils to form a base, and glue on round or apple wooden beads for the heads.

Use very fine pens or markers to draw the face, and glue on (white glue or glue gun) Spanish moss for hair.

Use fairly large artificial flowers for the skirts, and glue on the leaves for wings.

If you wish, thread very small wooden beads on white pipe cleaners for arms, but please remember to work small, so the pencil doesn't become too top-heavy. Glue the angel to the top of the pencil.

Glue a small magnet to the back of the angel's head, making a refrigerator pencil - angels are all about messages!

And sing some of the wonderful hymns about angels, who also appear at times other than Christmas.

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