Fifteenth Sunday of Pentecost

Isaiah 53: 6

All We Like Sheep Are Led Astray, but Jesus Always Finds Us

Cut the lamb face from gray or black or white fun foam (lamb face should be about 9-1/2 inches across) and the headpiece from white fun foam (the headpiece should be about 6 inches across).

Outline the eyes and ears with gold or silver fabric paint or with markers. Glue the headpiece on top of the face, and glue cotton balls densely onto the headpiece.

Use a 1-inch white button with two buttonholes for the nose.

To wear the mask, attach it to a dowel rod like a carnival mask, or use elastic or ribbon to hold the mask directly onto the child's face.

My pastor would enjoy the children's wearing the masks and acting out the story of the lost sheep for the children's sermon - you may want to make the masks a week ahead of the story so the glue can dry. (Hair driers can dry glue in emergencies.)

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