Seventeenth Sunday of Pentecost

Jesus Carries the Lost Sheep Home on His Shoulders

Luke 15: 1 - 10

What a wonderful God! When we are lost, he isn't content until he finds us and carries us home on his shoulders.

1. Why were the scribes and Pharisees angry at Jesus?

[They were angry at Jesus because he would eat with anyone, even tax collectors and sinners.]

Jesus told a parable about a Good Shepherd, whom we understand to be God the Father, and his sheep, whom we understand to be all the people of God's creation.

2. Which sheep (or people) is the shepherd most worried about?

[The shepherd is most concerned about the sheep that is lost.]

3. What does the shepherd do?

[The shepherd looks for the lost sheep until he finds it, and then he carries it home on his shoulders.]

4. What does the shepherd do when he comes home with the lost sheep?

[When the shepherd comes home with the lost sheep, he invites all his friends and neighbors to rejoice with him.]

5. Did Jesus care about the tax collectors and sinners?

[Jesus cared about the tax collectors and sinners the most, because he believed they were lost from God.]

6. Does God care about us when we are lost as much as a shepherd cares about his sheep?

[God cares even more about us, for he made us, and we are his creation.]

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