Seventeenth Sunday of Pentecost

Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God

Psalm 51: 1 - 12

Who are we when we have clean hearts? What are the looks on our faces? What can other people see in our actions?

Even very small children can understand difficult concepts if they can draw them.

Provide large sheets of good drawing paper, markers, and even glue and some collage elements, and let the children draw pictures of themselves with clean hearts. You may be very surprised at their drawings, and the congregation will enjoy seeing them on a bulletin board with a banner of "Create in Me A Clean Heart, O God."

Many Christians use verses 10 through 12 as their daily prayer of reconciliation to God. There are many tunes or settings to make this a sung, rather than a spoken, prayer, both traditional and contemporary - encourage the children to learn one or two of them. The tune that is probably the most widely know is "Create in Me A Clean Heart" (With One Voice 732), but also consider learning the contemporary tune published by Maranatha! Music.

1. In what condition is the heart of the psalm writer?

[The writer has a sinful heart.]

2. What is the writer sure that God can do?

[The writer is sure that God can create a clean heart, provide salvation, and give the gift of the Holy Spirit.]

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