Twentieth Sunday of Pentecost

While Standing Guard on the Watchtower, I Waited for the Lord's Answer

Habakkuk 2: 1

Not only do grapes taste good, but they were also a cash crop for the Israelites - they could be sold to markets or to wine makers for cash money.

The temptation to steal the grapes was very great, so just before the grape harvest, watchmen would be sent into the fields to watch from a central tower for both human and animal thieves - grapes taste good to wild animals, too.

And during this lonely, stationary assignment, what better activity could there be than to pray?

Put up the background and the banner. Make a small, central tower of corrugated paper or cardboard (the watchtowers were probably made of stone).

Surround the tower with a vineyard - lots of grape leaves, and lots and lots of grapes.

And , of course, every time we think of grapes, we think of the wine of Holy Communion. We might like to sing, Eat This Bread, Drink This Cup (With One Voice 706).

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