Twenty-first Sunday of Pentecost

Who Will Sit at Jesus' Right and Left Hand?

Mark 10: 35 - 45

James and John, the sons of Zebedee, were the third and fourth disciples that Jesus called to follow him, after Peter and Andrew.

Very often we see Jesus with this inner circle of four, rather than with the entire twelve.

Jesus tells them that they must be baptized as he is baptized. That is, they must be willing to undergo the same earthly suffering that he must endure.

The disciples still see Jesus as an earthly king. The closer that people sit to earthly kings, the more powerful and respected they are. James and John are looking for their own share of earthly glory.

1. What did James and John want Jesus to do for them?

[James and John wanted Jesus to seat them at his immediate right and left hand when he came into power]

2. What does Jesus tell them?

[Jesus tells them they don't know what they are asking for.]

3. Cup often means suffering in the Old Testament. What did Jesus say James and John would do?

[Jesus said James and John would drink from the same cup as he would.]

4. Who will decide who sits next to Jesus?

[God the Father will decide who sits next to Jesus.]

5. What must we do to come first in the kingdom of Heaven?

[We must become everyone's slaves.]

6. What does Jesus say about himself?

[Jesus says, "The Son of Man did not come to be a slave master, but a slave, who will give his life to rescue many people." ]

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