Peter and Paul, Apostles

I Was Kept Safe from Hungry Lions

2 Timothy 4: 17


Paul lived in Rome under house arrest for some time.

During that time Christians were often thrown into lion cages in the Coliseum, where they were eaten alive, as punishment for their belief in the One God.

In modern times we often joke about Lions versus Christians, but in Paul's time the threat was real, and his thankfulness to God for keeping him safe and alive ran extremely deep.

Copy the cover on green card stock. Use paper, cardboard, fabric, and wiggly eyes to make one lion - or several lions - on the cover.

For a more abstracted look, simply make the open mouth of a very hungry lion, with teeth and tongue showing (the lion's tongue and teeth are very like those of an ordinary house cat - just much larger.)

And give thanks for living in a time when our threats, though serious and real, do not include being thrown into cages with hungry lions.

This might be a good day to pray the The Prayer for the Healing of Children whose fears are still real, even though the Coliseum has been empty for thousands of years.


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