Reformation Day

Everyone Who Sins Is a Slave to Sin

John 8: 34

Slavery and its identifying markings were a part of everyday life in Jesus' time.

We still use many of the marks of slavery today - tattoos, piercings, ankle bracelets - do any of them show that we continue to live in slavery to sin?

How often do we show who we are and whose we are?

We can make simple or more difficult ankle bracelets, depending on the ages in our class.

A simple cord (black silk or leather work well) with a small simple cross makes an easily worn anklet, bracelet, or necklace.

Or we can work in Stretch Magic or wire art (the points are too sharp for small children) to make more elaborate jewelry.

But we always include the cross or the chi-rho to show whose we are, that we know we are no longer slaves, but joyful servants of the wisest and kindest Master of all.

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