All Saints Day

My Prayer Is that Light Will Flood Your Hearts

Ephesians 1: 18

In Jesus' lifetime there was little public lighting. The street lights, flood lights, neon signs, and traffic lights that we take for granted did not exist in his world.

The wealthy lit their houses with candles or oil lamps, but the poor had very little light at all. They usually went to bed as soon as it was dark. People carried their own lamps with them if they had to be out on the dark streets, but the darkened city at night was frightening, so most people stayed indoors.

But the classical world was famous for its lighthouses - some of them are among the wonders of the ancient world.

Lighthouses were built to save ships from rocky coastlines. If we let the light of God shine into the rockiness of our hearts, not only are our hearts healed, but other people are kept safe from our dark spaces.

Put up the background, the banner, and the coastline. An older class might want to research some of the famous old world lighthouses.

Can we turn the rocks of a dangerous coast into warm, living, caring hearts along the shore?

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