Seventeenth Sunday of Pentecost

Everyone Will Kneel Down and Praise My Name

Romans 14: 11

Everyday people in Jesus' lifetime had very little household furniture.

If they had benches, they sat and slept on them. But some households had only one piece of furniture, a large chest like a cedar chest, which was used for storing linens and clothing. The chest could be used as a sort of table, as the family sat or squatted on the floor, sometimes with pillows.

Chairs were for the wealthy and for royalty.

But for Jesus' sake, the rich people and the rulers left their comfortable chairs and knelt on the floor to worship him.

Put up the background and the banner.

Make chairs or thrones from construction paper, lightweight cardboard, or corrugated paper in whatever colors you like. Decorate the thrones with jewels and feathers, and you might even want to touch them lightly with gilt, or gold markers.

And like the kings who left their thrones to worship Jesus, kneel together for a short prayer of thanksgiving for the goodness of God.

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