Nineteenth Sunday of Pentecost

Let the Heavens Rejoice; Let the Earth be Glad

Psalm 96: 11

We will celebrate God's beautiful planet with a mobile.

Cut two 5-inch circles (the size of a CD is perfect) of lightweight green or blue card stock. Carefully cut with scissors or X-acto knife a circle 1/2 inch inside the circle, leaving 1/2 inch uncut at top and bottom of both circles.

Cut out a complete 3-inch circle from the inside of both circles.

Cut two 3-1/4 circles from self-adhesive laminating sheets (from the office supply store).

Cut out one shape of the continents (please choose your own perspective of the world) in a different shade of green.

Layer the continents and one of the green circles between the layers of laminate.

Glue the second green circle only at the top and bottom to the first green circle.

When dry, fold the green circles forward and back, making a three-dimensional world.

Punch a hole in the top of the circles, and hang with invisible thread or fishing line.


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