Third Sunday of Pentecost

The Lord Can Always Be Trusted to Show Mercy Each Morning

Psalm 30: 5

Every morning as we remember our baptisms when we wash our faces, we also remember that God sends us the renewing presence of the Holy Spirit each day.

Copy the cover on green card stock.

Copy the dove on white card stock.

Using decoupage glue (ModPodge), make a mosaic on the dove. (It may be easier to glue the dove to the cover before you begin.)

You can use shaped confetti from the paper goods store, or you can make your own mosaic pieces from gold and silver paper.

Working in small areas and using a brush to apply the glue (the glue dries quickly), glue the mosaic pieces to the dove. Brush a final coat of glue over the finished mosaic to keep everything in place.

When the glue is completely dry, glue a border of gold braid, cord, or beads around the dove. If you choose to outline the dove with gold pens or markers, do that before you begin to glue.

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