Fourth Sunday of Pentecost

Ezekiel, I Want You to Stand Up and Listen

Ezekiel 2: 1

How do we show the Lord that we are listening?

We keep our hands quiet, we keep our mouths quiet, and we either close our eyes or focus them intently on the speaker.

But what happens to our ears when we listen? Do they move? Do they get bigger?

Just for fun, let's make pencil toppers with really big ears, to show the Lord that, like Ezekiel, we listen.

Draw simple faces with fine-point markers on 1- or 1-1/4- inch dollhead wooden balls.Cut big ears from fun foam and glue them onto the heads with a glue gun, curving them forward.

Glue on yarn for hair, making sure you don't cover the ears.

You may decorate squares of felt or a lighter fabric - felt works best for the 1-1/4 inch heads.

Glue the felt into the head, and then glue the pencil into the felt.

The larger heads make more dramatic toppers, but they are somewhat topheavy.

For very small children, you may want to use large pencils with the large heads.

Older children might want to use them for sermon notes, to show that they really are listening.

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