Writing Assignments

Sermon Notes

It is a good practice for each confirmand to take notes on the pastor's sermon. Note taking focuses the attention of the class, and the pastor will enjoy the feedback.

Depending on the age and sophistication of your class, they might want to make the Ezekiel pencils to show that they are truly listening as they write.




Season:______________________ Name:_____________________________________

Sunday: _____________________ Date: ______________________________________

Sermon Title: ____________________________________________________________


1. Which lesson did the pastor use as the basis for his sermon? (Old Testament, Psalm, New Testament, Gospel)?


2. How did this sermon show the love and grace of God through seeing, hearing, or experiencing?


3. Which hymns reflected the message of the sermon?


4. What did you learn from the sermon that you had never known before?


5. Which part of today's sermon would you like to share with other people?


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