Fourth Sunday of Pentecost

Jesus Chooses Twelve Loyal Followers

Matthew 9: 35 - 10: 8

Mark 3: 13 - 19

Luke 6: 12 - 18

Jesus hand-picked his disciples, one by one. Before he sent them out to teach and to heal in his name, he gave them careful instructions about what to do and how to carry themselves.

The twelve disciples were from very different backgrounds and political beliefs, but from this day forward they conducted themselves as Jesus' people, following his ways and teaching about him and about the goodness of God.

In Luke 10, Jesus sends out seventy disciples two by two, also to teach and to heal and to witness.

1. What did Jesus preach about?

[Jesus preached about the good news of God's kingdom.]

2. Jesus says there is a large harvest in the field. What did he mean was ready to be harvested?

[Jesus was talking about all the people who needed to be brought into God's kingdom.]

3. What did Jesus' disciples have the power to do?

[Jesus' disciples could drive out demons, heal sickness, cure leprosy, and raise the dead.]

4. What did Jesus want the disciples to tell the people?

[Jesus wanted the disciples to announce that the kingdom of heaven would soon be here.]

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