Third Sunday of Lent

We Gladly Suffer

Romans 5: 1 - 8

Christians believe that Jesus saved us from sin, death, and the power of the devil by dying on the cross for our sins.

Because of all Jesus has done for us, we live out thankful lives full of gratitude to God each day.

But even though we are safe from all bad things in the next life, sin still exists in this world, and things sometimes go very badly for us.

At the worst of times, we know that Jesus stands beside us, and that God always wants to hear about every single detail of what is going wrong for us when we pray.

Many Christians have been tortured and even killed for their belief in Jesus throughout the years. But, like Paul, who wrote this passage, they suffered gladly, because they knew God was with them in both bad times and good.

This sureness of the presence and grace of God makes us stronger and often causes things to go better: we know that God cares about us, and that we are not alone in our troubles.

1. What did Jesus do for us?

[Because of Jesus, we live at peace with God.]

2/ What does suffering help us to do?

[Suffering helps us to endure.]

3. What does endurance do for us?

[Endurance builds character.]

4. What does character do for us?

[Character gives us hope.]

5. What special gift did God give us?

[God gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit.]


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