Fourth Sunday of Epiphany

Who Who May Live on the Holy Mountain of the Lord?

Psalm 15: 1

Jesus answered the psalm writer's question firmly - he asked a woman to sit right up front to listen to him teach.

But what does the Holy Mountain of the Lord really look like? It might be seen faintly, covered with wisps of clouds, drawn with pastels or chalk.

Or it could be richly elaborate, covered with gold, silver, and jewels.

Copy the cover on pale green card stock, and supply one (or both) sets of materials.

An older class might want to relate their ideas of the Mountain of the Lord to the various sorts of sanctuaries for Christian worship, from the plain and unadorned (and silent) rooms of Quaker meeting to the magnificently adorned spaces used for Greek Orthodox worship. Field trips could be appropriate.

Does our belief of what God finds beautiful - from the breathtakingly simple to the gilded ornate - determine how we conduct our worship? And where do the flowers and music fit in?


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