Ninth Sunday of Pentecost

Mary Sits in Front of Jesus

Luke 10: 38 - 42

In Jesus' time, only boys went to school - and not all of them got to go, either.

But Jesus always seemed to make the point that girls and women should know about God so that they, too, could build right relationships with him.

So he encouraged them to study and think and learn, which was a privilege reserved for very few women in his time.

This Mary, Martha's and Lazarus's sister, is the same person who put lotion on Jesus' feet. Mary and Lazarus lived in a household headed by Martha, their sister, in the village of Bethany, about 2 miles outside of Jerusalem.

1. Who was Jesus traveling with?

[Jesus was traveling with his disciples.]

2. What did Mary do when Jesus came into the house?

[Mary sat down in front of him in order to listen to him.]

3. What was Martha doing?

[Martha was worrying about all the work that had to be done to host Jesus and the disciples.]

4. What did Martha want Jesus to do?

[Martha wanted Jesus to tell Mary to help her.]

5. What did Jesus say?

[Jesus said, "Mary has chosen what is best, and it will not be taken away from her."]


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