Fifth Sunday of Pentecost

God Sows His Seeds Everywhere

Matthew 13: 1 - 9, 18 - 23

Mark 4: 1 - 9

Luke 8: 4 - 8

Jesus often taught in parables, because his followers had difficulty understanding him.

A parable is a story about everyday people and things, told as an illustration of the ideas Jesus wanted to teach.

He would say something was like the kingdom of heaven, but not the kingdom of heaven, for he had no actual words to describe what God or heaven are really like that the people could understand.

As with this story, Jesus would often explain the story after he told it, but all too often, the disciples still seemed unable to understand him.

In those days, farmers broadcast their seed by hand, throwing it out in wide arcs to land on the ground. They didn't have drills or even mechanical broadcasters.

1. Where did the farmer sow his seeds?

[The farmer sowed his seed by the path, on rocky ground, amid the thorns, and on good ground.]

2. Which was the only place where the seeds set strong roots and grew?

[The only place the seeds thrived was on the good ground.]

3. Which person is like the good soil?

[The person who hears the word of God and understands it is like the good soil.]

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