Seventeenth Sunday of Pentecost

Jesus Tells His Disciples to Become Slaves

Mark 9: 30 - 37

Matthew 18: 1 - 5

Luke 9: 46 - 48

There are many words in the New Testament for worker, servant, or slave, but the word Jesus uses in this passage means slave, someone who is owned by another person and who has no control over his or her own life decisions.

For Jesus, the servant-king, this meant choosing to live a life of service to other people.

1. Where were Jesus and his disciples?

[Jesus and his disciples had gone to his home in Capernaum.]

2. What were the disciples talking about?

[The disciples had been arguing about which of them was the greatest.]

3. What did Jesus tell them?

[Jesus said, "If you want the place of honor, you must become a slave and serve others."]

4. How did Jesus tell us to welcome him?

[Jesus said, "When you welcome even a child, you welcome me."]


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