Sunday of the Holy Trinity

O Lord, Our Lord,
How Excellent Is Thy Name
in All the Earth

Psalm 8

This psalm emphasizes the power of the name of God, when God's name spoken even by babes in arms can overpower his enemies.

When we realize the power of God's name, we reach a better understanding of the Second Commandment, where we are told to respect and protect the name of God.

How can this overwhelming, awesome God even be aware of any one of us? Yet he cares for each of us personally, even though we are a little lower than the angels who worship him without ceasing.

The translation in the Contemporary English Version of the Bible is interesting, but even though the language is difficult, for this psalm, I prefer the King James Version.

From this psalm we sing How Majestic Is Your Name by Michael W. Smith, in the Maranatha Praise Chorus Book.

1. Who ranks higher in the universe than people?


[Angels hold a higher position in the universe than people do.]


2. Does the name of God have power by itself?


[Yes, the name of God is of itself powerful.]


3. Does God love each and every one of us?


[God loves each one of us so much that he gave his only son, Jesus, to die for us.]

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