Fourth Sunday of Advent

We Put Our Names on Our Binders in Gold

Making spines for our binders and pasting our names on them in silver or gold is one of the highlights the children enjoy most. Copy a piece of simple art on colored card stock (the color for Advent is medium blue or purple), making the finished image about 1 - 1/2 inches wide by 11 inches tall (measure the spine opening on your binders.) Buy gold and silver 1/2-inch letters at the office supply store. One package contains enough letters for several children.

Ask the children to work from the bottom up, spelling their names backwards (this step is essential for children with long names.)

And of course they can decorate the spines with gold and silver pens in any way you think appropriate.

If you have trouble inserting the spines into the binders, a metal ruler may be helpful. (And the smallest children with their tiny fingers will have no difficulty whatsoever.)

New spines in the appropriate color add a lift to any season; they are an especially nice way of welcoming new children into the class. This year, we will begin with new binders and new spines in blue, at the beginning of Advent.

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