Sixth Sunday of Epiphany

We Follow Jesus and the Star

Throughout the season of Epiphany we have followed the star to Bethlehem, as well as following Jesus with the disciples. Focusing on the star reminds us never to take our eyes off the prize, but always to know who and what we are following.

Kirigami is the art of cutting origami paper, much like the stars and snowflakes we cut out as children.

This is a very simple star, cut on a four-fold (stars are cut on a five-fold and snowflakes are cut on a six-fold.)

Gold or silver origami paper works best. Fold a piece in half on the diagonal, white side out, then in half again, then in half again. Cut from the side with three folds, cutting out and discarding the four or five (black) oblongs.

Carefully unfold, and then tape the opposing corners together on the back, using double-stick tape, arriving at a 3-D effect.

Even if the children cut awkwardly or from the wrong side of the fold, they are delighted as they unfold this beautiful gold creation. In other words, this is a fool-proof craft--no matter what they do, it looks good.

The stars may be sent home or added to a current bulletin board.

Or next year you may make them during Advent to decorate the Christmas tree.


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