The Transfiguration of Our Lord

 Until the Day Dawns and the Morning Star Rises in Your Hearts

2 Peter 1: 19

The richness and fullness of God and his love are shown in a world that is beautiful even when we are asleep or not paying attention.

Most of us sleep through the dawn and early morning, but the colors of the dawn sky are glorious.

Copy the verse on white card stock and let the children make an early morning sky with water colors, glitter crayons, or pastels.

Add a few bright, but fading, stars in the west from colored beads, sequins, or puff glitter glue. (Stars come in all sorts of colors, not just silver). Then add a bright, silver morning star in the east.

This design also makes a lovely bulletin board. Cut lacy stars on the five-fold from shiny origami paper, keeping the largest and most dramatic star in the east.

An older class might want to chose a bright, clear night to make a prayer vigil, watching the changes of the night sky into morning, as they give thanks for the beauty of the earth.

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