First Sunday in Lent

Before I Confessed My Sins, My Bones Felt Limp

Psalm 32: 3

The Season of Lent is the time when we renew our closeness to God; confessing any sin that separates us from him is important always, but especially during this season as we prepare for the joy of Easter.

Though our skin tones come in many different shades, all of God's people have white bones and white teeth.

Put up the background and the banner. Make stick figure (or more elaborate) white skeletons from ribbon or chenille stems, and pose them in various limp positions on the board.

A more ambitious class might want to make rag dolls with no infrastructure whatsoever. Again, the limpness and loss of strength are the desired look.

And we might want to look at the section on confession and absolution in the Catechism.


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