First Sunday in Advent

My Lord, What a Morning

As we look at last things on this first Sunday in Advent, we will make an Advent bulletin board. A conventional blue background with gold and silver stars looks fine, but a pink or orange background makes a surreal image that makes us aware that something is truly different--this is an easy place to experiment.

Butcher paper in a variety of colors is very inexpensive at an art supply store. I like to put up the background and the banner or letters before the children come to class. They can make a variety of stars--four, five, or six-pointed--in gold and silver. Gold and silver wrapping paper is good for this: it folds easily and is less expensive than other gold or silver papers. Glitter (with glue sticks) is fun to add to the stars. Staple the stars to the bulletin board as the children finish them.


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