Second Sunday of Advent

The Desert Shall Rejoice and Bloom as the Rose

Isaiah 35:2 is my favorite Advent verse; I prefer the King James translation, but the Contemporary English version, "The desert will rejoice and bloom everywhere," is also a wonderful statement of our glorious anticipation of the birth of Jesus. Isaiah's rose was probably a crocus, but any colorful flower is fine.

To begin simply, copy the words on medium blue 8-1/2 by 11 card stock, and add leaves of construction paper, formex film, or artificial leaves. Staple or glue colorful artificial flowers (from the 99-cent store) to the card stock and insert into the front of the view binder. The number and variety of flowers can be variable (one rose or crocus will be quite dramatic), but too many flowers will make the cover difficult to insert.

Medium (tending toward royal) blue is the color of Advent.

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