The Second Sunday in Advent
Zechariah Praises God

Luke 1: 68 - 79

Zechariah the priest and his wife Elizabeth had wanted a child for a very long time; at long last God gave them a son, whose name was John. He would grow up to be John the Baptist.

When John was born, Zechariah knew that his birth was the beginning of a wonderful time on earth, the time when Jesus would live on earth as an ordinary person.

Because Zechariah was a priest, descended from Levi, he and Elizabeth probably lived in one of the forty-eight Levitical villages. Because all the tribes of Israel needed priests, those villages were set aside throughout Palestine in the time of Joshua for the priests and their families.

One of the Levitical villages, Dabarath,was located quite close to Nazareth in Galilee. Known as Dabaritta in the time of Jesus, Dalbaritta was still a thriving village in his lifetime. Zechariah and family may have lived there.

This is Zechariah's song of praise.

1. How does Zechariah's song begin?
[The song begins with praise to God.]

2. Which promise does Zechariah remember?
[Zechariah remembers God's promise to Abraham.]

3. Does Zechariah know what his son, John, will do?
[Yes. Zechariah says, "You, my son . . . will go ahead of the Lord to get everything ready for him."]

4. What will happen to Zechariah's family?
[Zechariah says, "God's love and kindness will shine upon us like the sun that rises in the sky."]


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