The First Sunday in Advent

No One Knows the Day or the Hour of Jesus' Coming

Matthew 24: 36 - 44

Mark 13: 32 - 37

Luke 17: 26 - 30, 34 - 36


As always, we begin the New Church Year by singing and talking about last things, the Second Coming of Christ to live on earth. My Lord, What a Morning (WOV 627), is the most appropriate hymn for this day.

In this passage we find a reference to the story of Noah (Genesis 5: 28 - 9: 17). Matthew emphasizes the destruction of the people of Noah's time. But we must also remember that through the grace and compassion of God, Noah and his family survived the flood and Noah's descendants lived and prospered.

Mark 13: 36 is evidence against the false prophets, who say that they alone know when Jesus will return to rule over the planet earth; only God knows the day and the hour of Jesus' return.

1. Do the angels in heaven know when Jesus Christ will return to earth?

[No, only God the Father knows when Jesus will return; not even Jesus himself knows.]

2. Noah and his family prepared for the flood because Noah listened to God. What were the other people doing?

[The other people were eating and drinking and getting married.]

3. What should we be doing to prepare for the Second Coming of Christ?

[We should always be ready to welcome Jesus into our hearts and into our lives.]


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