Christ the King Sunday

My Sheep Will Be Safe as They Feed on Grassy Meadows and Green Hills

Ezekiel 34:14

Jesus has many names as our Lord and King, but we always know that he is our Good Shepherd and that he cares for us and keeps us safe.

The sheep in the Bible were white, black, or spotted, with black or white faces. Our modern sheep are almost always white, so that the wool can be dyed easily.

But in Bible times, wool clothing was usually black, white, or gray (from black and white wool spun together.)

And the pure black and pure white could be woven together in checks, stripes, or plaids.

Put up the background and the banner. Using scraps of black, white, and patterned wool, let the children cut out sheep shapes and add faces from fun foam with wiggly eyes. Add black or white pompons around the faces if you like.

And give thanks for a King who is not too proud to be a shepherd.

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