Confirmation Instruction Lesson 10

The Lord's Prayer

We Forgive One Another

Forgiveness and reconciliation are hard tasks for Christians, even with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, but God gives us the strength to answer this most difficult of calls.

In Jesus' explanation of the Fifth Commandment, we see how easy it is to kill someone's friendship with anger or or to kill someone's reputation with hateful words. Jesus calls us to make peace in our families and with our friends before we reconcile ourselves to make peace with God.

Joseph sets us a wise and good example.

At the same time we ponder the true nature of forgiveness, looking at the Fifth Petition of the Lord's Prayer, we again celebrate the goodness of a God who gives us everything in the Fourth Petition of the Lord's Prayer, meeting all our needs, with Disciple Eggs at the Jesus Picnic.

We might want also to consider what happens at a banquet gone wrong.

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