Third Sunday of Easter

 Jesus Said, "Come and Eat"

John 21: 12

For special meals, we not only prepare special foods, but we also prepare the table itself, setting it with our best dishes, knives, forks, and spoons.

We also decorate the table with tablecloths and place mats.

And sometimes we make a special runner to lay across the center of the tablecloth.

Use table-top lengths of banner paper, plastic table cloths, or fabric as a base.

Depending on the base, let the children draw or decorate (with felt or foam) the runner with Christian symbols - either the bread and wine of communion, or the Easter symbols of suns, crosses, peacocks, butterflies, and flowers.

This is a good time to revisit table graces, as we give thanks for the food we are about to enjoy.

As we prepare to enjoy our full table fellowship, we see that these runners would make lovely Mother's Day gifts.

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