Third Sunday of Easter

After Jesus Sat Down to Eat, He Took Some Bread

Luke 24: 30

What do you serve an unexpected guest when you have been away from home all day?

We know that the travelers from Emmaus served bread with the meal, which may have been as simple as bread and cheese.

Split rounds of pita bread (whole wheat is closest to what they ate in Bible times, although their bread probably had barley flour in it as well), cut in quarters and brush lightly with olive oil or butter (butter may have been only for the wealthy, and margarine wasn't invented yet), and toast under the broiler or in the toaster oven.

Serve with soft white cheese (like ricotta or queso fresco) - they made soft cheese by wrapping fresh yogurt in cheesecloth and letting the excess moisture drip through a colander into a bowl - and you could top the bread and cheese with a bit of honey.

The travelers recognized Jesus by the way he blessed the bread. Say a special prayer or table grace before you enjoy your snack.

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