Sixth Sunday of Easter

Lydia Opens Her Home to the Apostles

Acts 16: 9 - 15

Many of the early Christians were traveled, independent, fearless, wealthy people who often spoke more than one language.

Lydia, who was originally from Thyatira in a region called Lydia (Lydia may not have been her real name), had moved her business to Philippi, in Macedonia.

She, like many of the women of the early church, contributed money to the mission and welcomed Paul and his followers into her home.

Any time a journey is described in Acts as being undertaken by "us" or "we," it means that Luke was a member of the party of travelers.

1. Why did Paul go to Macedonia?

[Paul had a vision of someone from Macedonia asking for help.]

2. Where did Paul and his friends go on the Sabbath?

[Paul and his friends went outside the city gate to a place by the river.]

3. Who did Paul meet there?

[Paul met Lydia and some other women.]

4. What did Paul do for Lydia and her family?

[Paul baptized Lydia and her family.]

5. What did Lydia invite Paul and his friends to do?

[Lydia invited Paul and his friends to stay in her home.]


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