Sixth Sunday of Easter

Jesus Calls Us Friends

John 15: 9 - 17

What a Friend We Have in Jesus! (Lutheran Book of Worship 439)

What is life like for people whose God is not a master, a king, a supervisor, an overlord, an owner, a parent, but a best friend?

What do we tell him, what do we ask of him, what do we rely on him to do?

Even though we live in service and gratitude to God, we always know that Jesus is our best friend.

In this passage he asks us to bear lasting fruit, to do kindnesses that endure and which encourage more kind acts. We might want to look at the passage in Amos about summer fruit while we read this lesson.

1. Why does Jesus want us to love him?

[Jesus wants us to be as completely happy as he is.]

2. What does Jesus tell us to do?

[He tells us to love each other as he has loved us.]

3. Who does Jesus tell us we are?

[Jesus tells us that we are his friends.]

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