Seventh Sunday of Easter

God Chooses A Replacement for Judas

Acts 1: 15 - 17, 21 - 26

When the disciples cast lots to replace Judas with a twelfth member of their group, they believed they were giving God the opportunity to make the final decision, after they had chosen appropriate candidates.

Everyone in Bible times was so sure that all people knew the right way to cast lots that they never described the practice. They may have flipped disks that were black on one side and white on the other (like flipping a coin) or tossed knuckle bones (like rolling dice). They didn't draw names (most people couldn't read or write) or draw straws (in which the short straw loses.)

But they always saw the practice as a way of allowing God show his desires, instead of seeing it as blind chance.

In this passage, Judas' death is called "falling on his sword," which means to follow the suicide practice of the Romans, just like Julius Caesar.

1. Who was speaking in front of the group?

[Peter was speaking in front of the group.]

2. What would the new member be asked to do?

[The new member would help to tell others that Jesus had been raised from the dead.]

3. From which group could the new disciple be chosen?

[The new disciple must have been with Jesus' followers from the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist until Jesus ascended into heaven.]

4. Who was chosen to join the group?

[Matthias was chosen to join the group.]

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