Seventh Sunday of Easter

Jesus Prays for All of Us

John 17: 20 - 26

John 13: 35

This extraordinary prayer, which Jesus prays not only for his disciples and followers, but also for all the Christians who would follow him over the centuries to come, calls his believers to a difficult commitment.

He says that people will recognize his followers by their love for one another. Over the years, Christians have come to believe that each group of them has found the best way to God the father, and the best way to live their lives on earth.

What would people see if all Christians loved one another without reservation across all denominations and all Christian beliefs?

Your class might enjoy the translation of this prayer in The Message, by Eugene Peterson.

1. Who is Jesus praying for?

[Jesus is praying for his current followers and for everyone else who will have faith because of what his followers will say about him.]

2. What does Jesus want for his followers?

[Jesus want them all to be as one with each other.]

3. When did God the father love Jesus?

[God the father loved Jesus even before the world was created.]

4. What does Jesus want for his followers?

[Jesus wants the love of God to become a part of them.]

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