Fourth Sunday of Epiphany

With All My Heart I Will Thank the Lord When His People Meet

Psalm 111: 1

Again and again, God tells us in the Psalms that his favorite thing is for his people to come together in groups to worship him, singing his praises, telling him how wonderful he is.

Put up the background and the banner.

You can make any assortment of people you like, but cutting strings of people as paper dolls out of colored tissue paper can be fun - and it seems that this will soon become one of the lost art forms.

Fold tissue paper in narrow, even, folds (any number, but don't make the stack too thick for small children), and then cut through the layers to make many people, holding hands in a long string.

You may decorate them in any way you like with markers or paint or glitter, but please remember that this is an art form known for its simplicity.

And then staple the strings of people to the bulletin board.

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