Fourth Sunday of Epiphany

What Offering Should I Bring when I Bow Down to Worship?

Micah 6: 6

In Jewish custom, each family keeps a tzedakah box, a box for charitable giving, in the home.

On special events, like holidays, or when special blessings are received, like birthday gifts, the person receiving the gift shares the blessing by adding money to the giving box.

And there can be ordinary days when our hearts are so full of blessings that we just need to share.

Making and keeping a special box for giving is a lovely way to share our blessings. When the box is full, we can give the money to World Hunger, to a local food bank, or to missionaries who are spreading the Word of God.

The box may be as simple or elaborate as you like - decorating a small, covered cardboard box works well. And we can sing the offertory in the Lutheran Book of Worship, 'What Shall I Render to the Lord for All His Benefits to Me?"

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