Fifth Sunday of Epiphany

None of the Stars Are Ever Missing

Isaiah 40: 26

People in Jesus' time were outdoors more than we are, but they knew less about formal science.

They were in awe of the beauty of meteor showers, but they noticed that none of the stars were ever gone from the night sky - what a wonderful God, who could let stars shoot and fall, but who kept everything in its rightful place at the same time.

Put up a midnight blue background and the letters - gold or silver letters would be beautiful - otherwise, white letters are fine.

Let the children cut four-, five-, and six-pointed stars out of gold and silver paper - make constellations if you like.

And then draw showers of falling stars and meteors with gold and silver and colored paint.

This is a good day to sing, Earth and All Stars! (Lutheran Book of Worship 558).


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