Seventh Sunday of Epiphany

Even Jackals and Owls Honor Me

Isaiah 43: 20

Depending on the translator, the wild animals in this passage vary widely. The dragon of the King James version signifies the medieval usage of the word, "fierce (but not mythical) animal."

And some translators prefer "ostrich" over "owl."

Other translators might make a case for animals that are sacred to the false gods: the owl, for example, is sacred to the Greek goddess, Athena.

But the sense of the passage is clear: God provides for the fierce, wild animals, as well as for the tame and the domesticated, and all the animals of his creation honor and respect him and him alone.

Put up a background with a stream and grassland. Add the banner.

Let the children make any fierce, wild animal of their choosing - the bears and coyotes of North America would serve as well as the wolves of Europe or the lions of Africa.



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